Winrecruit Benefits


  1. Single point for all the recruitment needs.
  2. Makes your recruitment process methodical, reduces cost and time.
  3. Monitor the activities of the team in-house as well in the branch office.
  4. Creation of your own career page in the website gives ease of resume submission and increases your credibility value.
  5. Interview Scheduler ( SMS / Email).
  6. Improved Quality of recruitment / hiring.
  7. Tracking of job / applicant status.
  8. Adoption of best recruitment practices.
  9. Active reports & reminders.
  10. User friendly.


  1. Better Data and Work Sharing, Higher Collaboration, Higher Results.
  2. Uniform Team Practices, Consistent Candidate and Client Experience.
  3. Resume search & job search by location, experience, skills and qualification.
  4. Sourcing Integration ( Duplication Check).
  5. Client management system.
  6. Separate login for admin, employees, candidates and corporate.
  7. Role and User based security and access rights.
  8. Maintain your candidate resume database at one place
  9. Role and User based security and access rights.
  10. Highly customizable.